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Aerodynamic Testing of Time Trial Bike at the Texas A&M Wind Tunnel

Engineering Design

  • Deepwater drill string design
  • Development of drill string manufacturing specifications for critical service
  • Analysis and development of drill pipe connections and service connections used on downhole tools
  • Development of specifications for drill pipe handling equipment including analysis work on selected handling equipment components (slips, elevators, etc.)
  • Finite element analysis of both drill pipe connections and drill pipe upset regions
  • Evaluation of drill string bending stresses in directional wells
  • Evaluation of side loads induced into drill pipe in directional holes for the purpose of identifying conditions that will produce heat checking
  • Static analysis of deepwater drill strings ranging from 30,000 ft to 41,500+ ft (to date)
  • Supervision of full-scale fatigue testing of top drive shaft connections, drill pipe, and bottom hole assembly (BHA) components
  • Drill string hydraulic analysis
  • On-site monitoring during the manufacture of drill strings for critical service
  • On-site monitoring during the inspection and testing of various oilfield components
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